Slip and Fall in Jacksonville

Slip and Fall in Jacksonville FL

Have you had a slip and fall accident?

Slip and Fall injuries occur when you fall, no matter the circumstances. It can be caused by anything from slick and slippery surfaces to hazardous steps or uneven ground. In some cases, it might be the result of negligence from a business or homeowner.

People who suffer from slip and fall injuries can experience trauma to bones, muscles, ligaments and joints in the body. Neck, back, and spine injuries are very common as a result of a fall. If not treated properly, these injuries can cause long term pain. The force from the fall may result in injuries that effect balance and mobility. It's important to explore drug-free, non-invasive treatment options as soon as possible.

At Doc Tony Clinics in Jacksonville, we have treated patients for over 25 years who have suffered from slip and fall accidents. We will recommend a treatment based on the severity of your slip and fall injury. We will establish a course of treatment customized to your unique condition and needs. We'll ensure you have the therapies necessary to treat your injury. We will provide an in-depth evaluation and determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and deliver excellent treatment.

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